Knowing the Importance of CPR Certification

CPR is not just chest compression, it is something more and to learn the actual CPR technique getting certified is highly necessary. But you might be thinking why to get certified? What is the need? Then below are the reasons that will make you know the importance of CPR Certification.

A Life Saving Technique

Learning to perform CPR correctly in an emergency case increases the chances of survival of the victim. As according to the American Heart Association (AHA) the first three links that comprise the cardiac chain of survival during a cardiac arrest are firstly an early identification of a cardiac arrest patient and activation of the emergency response system, secondly an early and high quality CPR and the third one is rapid defibrillation with an AED. Hence with a proper CPR Training you can save a life.

CPR Training

Provide Assistance

You never know when and where someone might need the lifesaving skills of CPR! It might be at your workplace, home, school, church or at any public place! When you get well-trained you can assist in such emergency cases. Also, you can assist someone performing CPR on a victim as well.

Get Jobs

Also when you are certified in CPR you can apply for jobs such as those in healthcare, construction, industry, and education, require applicants and employees to have and maintain a current CPR C ertification.The Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) has made CPR training mandatory for certain job roles in a variety of fields for promoting life safety.

CPR Certification

A Peace of Mind

Getting certified in CPR and learning to perform it properly offers peace of mind to you as well as your loved ones no matter where you are. Having a knowledge regarding such an important lifesaving skill brings reassurance and confidence in you as well as your loved ones. As per some statistics 4 out of 5 sudden cardiac arrests that occur outside hospital happen in home while sleeping, eating or anytime when you are enjoying with your family. Hence when you know the skill well you can save life of your loved one easily.

Nowadays getting CPR certified has become much easier for people who find it difficult to attend classes with the CPR Certification Online programs offered by various accredited institutions. And the best part of this Online CPR Certification is that these take less time compared to the classroom courses.


American Safety Training Institute provides CPR Certification Online Courses that are ECC and OSHA-compliant and meet the International Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation standards. To know more visit

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