CPR and AED Training – What’s the Difference

CPR & AED trainings are two diverse steps in the process of saving a life of someone, experiencing cardiac arrest. The short form “CPR” stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, which is the proceeding of repetitively compressing a person’s chest to keep his or her blood pumping all through his/her body. CPR performs like manual heartbeat, keeping important organs alive even after the heart has stopped pounding. Most classes are actually offered as CPR AED Training, or at least explicate the use of the AED in the course of their instruction. “AED” symbolize automated external defibrillator and there’s a massive difference between AED and CPR Training even though both are generally covered in the same class.

Not like CPR which only pumps blood to important organs, the AED is the device that can resurrect the heart. In this respect, you could say that these classes should be categorized as “AED CPR Training” since the AED is a much more vital aspect to a heart attack victim’s survival. But when a person goes into cardiac arrest, his/her heart stops pounding. This entails that important organs, like the brain, will start to die inside in minutes if they don’t persist to get oxygen and blood. This is why anybody who’s able to offer help must step in fast to administer CPR.

Online CPR course

The best way to handle a medical emergency is to prepare for it. So get yourself emergency-ready. Enroll in an Online CPR Course to get the training & knowledge you need. That way, when emergencies take place, you won’t just stand there, anxiously dialing 911.

To avail the best Online CPR Training, look no further than American Safety Training Institute. Our certification course provides you the skills & knowledge you require to respond to a life-threatening situation with confidence and speed. Get ready for an emergency situation today with one of our safety training courses!

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