What’s Infant CPR & Why You Should Learn It?

Do you know what to do when your infant stopped breathing? If no, then don’t shy away from learning online CPR, a practice that includes chest compression & mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Hopefully, you will never be in the place of having to do CPR on your child, but it could occur. Executing CPR properly could save your child’s life if he is not breathing sufficiently or his heart stops beating.

Reasons for CPR being conducted on infants:

The reason for needing CPR differs from adult to infants. Adults usually need CPR due to a sudden cardiac arrest resulting from a heart attack, while kids & infants tend to need resuscitation due to a respiratory problem that guides to sudden cardiac arrest. The reasons why an infant’s heartbeat & breathing may stop:

• Chocking
• Suffocation
• Severe asthma
• Smoke inhalation
• Poisoning
• Electrical shock
• Head trauma
• Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)
• Obstructive apnea

CPR restores the flow of blood to your heart, brain,and other important organs. Without oxygen-rich blood streaming to important organs, long-term brain injury could take place after only 4 minutes & death may happen in 4-6 minutes. Also, CPR restores breathing until complex life support arrives.

Online CPR Training

What you’ll learn in an Online CPR Class meant for infants?

In a CPR class meant for infants, you’ll learn how to recognize, prevent and respond to asudden cardiac arrest in babies. You will learn to do CPR & probably how to employ an AED. Your trainer will probably employ an infant-sized dummy to display how to execute CPR properly, guiding you to make sure that learn the appropriate techniques. You can also learn about childproofing measures & accident avoidance since most infants need CPR due to a preventable mishap.

Infant CPR is a little different when compared to adult CPR. Rather than employing the palm to perform chest compressions, you’ve to employ your fingers. The CPR methods for infants & older kids are also dissimilar, so it is essential to learn both.

CPR is most successful when it’s performed as quickly as feasible. You should only do CPR when there’re no indications of life or a baby is unresponsive, unconscious, or not breathing as he used to be.

Learning CPR meant for infants could save your baby’s life or someone else’s life someday. We know you are busy to attend an in-house CPR Training institution. Hence, at American Safety Training Institute we have designed our Online CPR Training Courses according to the convenience of busy people like you. So, what are you waiting for? Enroll in our Online CPR Class & get started. You never know when you can save someone’s precious life.


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