CPR AED Certification an Uncomplicated and Powerful Way to Save Lives

Cardio Pulmonary Issues never knock before halting the life! But CPR AED can save the life at the instant you get a pulmonary arrest. How is it so!The importance of first aid or CPR certification cannot be determined until you face a life-threatening situation and see the practicality of AED/CPR treatment. CPR, AED certification courses allow you to learn how and when to use Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to deliver care when it’s needed most.

Healthcare Provider CPR, AED Training is designed to provide healthcare professionals the ability to recognize several life-threatening emergencies. CPR/AED Training also teaches individuals who are not healthcare providers the critical skills needed to respond and manage a first aid for sudden cardiac arrest emergency in the first few minutes until emergency medical services arrive. AED training is very much helpful in this modern lifestyle and here is some added information about the program.

AED training

Increases Chance of survival –

You must know that each minute defibrillation is delayed; the possibility of survival reduces by about 10%. Luckily, with CPR/AED training, you can gain the skills necessary to save a life. Cardiac arrests happen frequently, with most of them occurring in the home. If onlookers don’t have adequate training for responding to this medical emergency, death could happen quickly. If a bystander acts quickly and provides CPR AED, the victim’s chance for survival may double or even triples. Learning CPR can enable you to act quickly in the event of a cardiac arrest.

What is CPR AED Training?

CPR AED training is neither complicated nor even scary but they are for saving lives, they are not difficult to operate as well.CPR and AED training include two special life-saving methods. CPR chest compressions and rescue involves sustaining the breathing of a victim until help arrives. An AED is an automated external defibrillator that restores the heartbeat of a victim by sending an electric shock and it should begin within three to five minutes of the person’s collapse. As emergency personnel is always not available, hence AED trained bystander is so important for saving lives.

Be a CPR, AED certified online-

You can prepare yourself to respond in a cardiac emergency. You will need a CPR AED certification that helps you learn CPR and AED training online. These courses are nationally accredited and accepted. These online courses are developed and offered by AHA licensed instructors. The instructors come to you digitally on any device. You could go through your training process of your entire course within less than two hours, or you could take as long as you like. There is no stipulation on the CPR AED Certification online class and you can complete it as per you flexibility.

CPR AED certification


At the American STI, we train people how to respond or prepare for emergencies and it is our core mission. We offer a range of health and safety classes that teach you to improve your new skills, keep you knowledgeable, confident and ready to respond in almost any emergency situation. We deliver the training you seek, when, where and how you need it especially if you are a student, working man or social worker, it helps you upgrade your knowledge. Get CPR AED certification course by enrolling with an online registration on our website www.americansti.org and get a certificate to serve the society.


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